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Dairy processing equipment covers a wide range of machine types involved in the manufacture and processing of dairy related products such as yoghurt, ice cream, processed cheese, desserts and is a slightly different genre to pure milking machinery. Dairy processing equipment may include homogenizers, separators, batch mixers, continuous freezers, aseptic & non-aseptic fillers, batch freezers, […]

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Agricultural chelates are added to the soil in order to maintain the concentration level of micronutrients. The agriculture chelates have wide range of uses in agriculture crops, such as corn, bush beans, citrus groves, and cucumbers. Some of the major applications of agriculture chelates includes seed dressing, foliar sprays, and fertilizer additives among others. The […]

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Agricultural enzymes are bioactive proteins used in place of chemicals for food production and protection. They are also used for fertility and protection against various pests and diseases. Agricultural enzymes are catalysts that accelerate the chemical reaction that removes nutrients from the soil and makes them available for planting. These nutrients, in the absence of […]

ideo Surveillance systems are used for monitoring activities in public areas, commercial and businesses buildings for real time or for later viewing. The system is a combination of hardware and software integrated together to capture images and videos analyze on a real time basis and for later use to gather critical evidence for law enforcement