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Synthetic biology is defined as the process of designing and constructing new biological units, such as enzymes, circuits, and genetic cells, or the redesign of existing biological systems. Synthetic biology helps in converging the advances in molecular, cellular, and systems, thus transforming biology in the similar way that synthesis transformed chemistry. The major factors fuelling […]

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Application gateway refers to the application program that runs on a firewall system to provide network security between the connected networks. It provides high-level security during the communication. For instance, when a client wants to established connection with the server, requesting for the access to resources such as files, web pages and databases, then client […]

ideo Surveillance systems are used for monitoring activities in public areas, commercial and businesses buildings for real time or for later viewing. The system is a combination of hardware and software integrated together to capture images and videos analyze on a real time basis and for later use to gather critical evidence for law enforcement